Another Note

Simple note taking widget for Android.

Another Note


I sometimes forget small things like chores or appointments.
This free, flexible and easy to use app has solved the problem.

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Easy to use

Another Note Widget is a simple note-taking widget for your Home screen, perfect for short daily notes.

Choose from Various Designs

Personalize your notes with 6 different designs: Sticky note, Plain Papers, Notebook Papers, Blackboard, and more.

40+ Themes

Various pins and more then 40 themes (holidays, animals, sports, etc.) to decorate your notes.

Text and Drawing

Your notes can contain simple text enriched with emojis or hand-drawn sketches.

Multiple Handwritten Fonts

Enhance the visual appeal of your notes by selecting from a variety of handwritten fonts.

Customize with Colors

Make your notes stand out with custom paper, pen, and highlighter colors.

Share Your Creativity

Showcase your designs by sharing your notes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. Share your thoughts with the world.


All your notes are stored locally on your device, ensuring your privacy.